Retirement – An excuse to follow your passion

By Tanika Gondhali


Retirees today are in better health that ever before. It is the start of a new phase in life for everyone. You worked for half your life and now you start a phase where you don’t have that responsibility anymore. No headaches, no being smothered by work, no late hours. It’s your day; you can do whatever you want.
But, one question that most retirees face today is “What do I do with all this time and freedom?”

A rise in incomes and change in lifestyles has made sure that most people have traveled well, long before they actually retire. An activity that was previously set aside for life after retirement is not necessarily a priority today. Summer vacations, winter vacations most people usually travel to different destinations to celebrate vacations with family. So, what would you do after retirement? A lot of people go back to work. A lot of people choose a different field of work, but still go back to working. If you can keep your own hours in the new job; that’s even better. Going back to work is great. A lot of people finally work in a field they are passionate about after retirement. But, the question still remains, what do you do?

Do you remember the last time you were completely free? When you had the freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted? Adulthood is definitely not that good to anyone. So, we go back to when we were children. Childhood… haven’t we all wished we could go back to that time; that time when we had no responsibilities and no worries. We followed our passions, did things just because our friends were doing them and if you were like me, tried all possible activities. Do you think we would love the same things now that we did then?

Everyone loves to travel, go to watch movies and plays. But, it’s a ‘been there, done that’ situation with these activities. Retirement is that time when you actually get another chance to follow your passions, take up trivial hobbies and let them go when you are done with them. Then try something else. The possibilities are endless.
Today, the seniors also have their own activity groups. They all meet up, decide on an activity and perform it for the rest of the group at the next meeting. These meetings include passionate discussions and debate. It always comes back down to doing something you like. Something, you may or may not have done when you were children. They stage a short skit, they have a “bring your grandchild to meet” day, they sing songs and they have ‘antakshari’ competitions. And don’t get me wrong; these are very serious competitions with serious prizes. Today’s retirees are very active and have hobbies that they love. So, how do you choose which passion to follow or which hobby to start? A suggestion, think about what you have never done but always wanted to try out. All those regrets you had, for missing out on something. This is the time to go back and do those things.

Seniority is a place that will help you follow your passions and master your hobbies. Seniority has products especially curated to make sure, you have the option to do what you want and explore new things at the same time. Did you like embroidery when they taught you at school? I’m guessing that will be a resounding no. But, do you feel like exploring it again, now that you have a better understanding and aren’t forced to do it? Maybe? Well, head on over to Seniority and check out the collection of “Stitch Kits” available. These are very easy kits that include a canvas with a ready made pattern, all the threads needed and of course, a detailed instruction guide for all the first timers. What’s more, these beautiful embroideries can be hanging on your wall as your own artwork decorates your home. No need to go to the Far East to buy embroidered art pieces anymore, you can make your own.

Men, I’m guessing embroidery doesn’t really hold your attention. So, what do you like? Do you like music and singing along to your favourite music? Do you wish you could carry your own personal playlist everywhere you went? Seniority has a solution to that too. Seniority offers a collection of Music Cards made available by Saregama. Go back to the golden years of music with this collection. These easy to use USB Music Cards are extremely convenient to carry with you everywhere you go. Plug them into your music system or TV. Or better yet, plug into the music system in your car as you go out for a drive. Or just plug it to your phone as you go about doing your chores. Bring back your favourite music and fill your days with your favourite melodies.

Hobbies and passion complete our life. So, fill your life with your favourite activities and enjoy your life to the fullest. Seniority has many more offerings to help you explore your interests.
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