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The Tynor ROM Elbow brace is a versatile, easy to apply, comfortable telescoping brace, allowing for an ideal fixed or protected range of mo...
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This ROM Elbow Brace by Tynor is designed to help control and restrict the degree of flexion and extension of the elbow joint, through a sophisticated dial system that allows a range of motion or immobilization of the elbow. The brace has been designed for increased ease, comfort, and effectiveness in the treatment of post-operative elbow rehabilitation. Range of motion can be set prior to application, making it more comfortable for the recovering patient. The range of motion dial ensures quick locking mechanism for immobilization at 90°,100° & 110°. It also features a quick extension & flexion setting ranging from 0° - 120° Flexion and 0° - 90° Extension. The brace has semi flexible arm cuffs with well-ventilated 3D cushion pads. These cushion pads can easily be removed for washing. The Elbow brace comes with adjustable Shoulder Pad and an arm sling that allows customization of length. It is easy to wear and remove, without causing fatigue even after prolonged use. Its reverse buckle closure mechanism also ensures stronger and customised tightening as well as perfect fitting. This brace is available in universal size, and in left and right variants.

Wash Care Instructions:

  • It is recommended to close hook loop fasteners before washing
  • Hand wash with mild detergent, with water below 30°C without wringing
  • Wipe the plastic parts with moist lint free cloth and mild detergent
  • Dry in shade on a flat surface
  • Do not dry-clean, iron or bleach
  • Note:

  • Use this product under strict guidance of a qualified doctor
  • Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor, in case of impaired sensation or if the pain increases or persists
  • Consult your doctor in case of concurrent use with another medical device
  • Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness
  • Follow instructions mentioned on the box carefully
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Features

    • Features a reverse buckle strapping system
    • Arm Sling allows customization in length
    • Adjustable Shoulder Pad
    • Single action locking
    • No fatigue even after prolonged use
    • Helps control & restrict the degree of flexion & extension
    • Has a dial system to allow a range of motion
    • Universal design
    • Washable & durable

    Product Specifications

    Country of Origin India
    Manufacturer Vivaan Enterprises, Amar Kunj Prestom Sagar Road no. 2, Opp. Shoppers Stop, Chembur, Mumbai- 400071
    Brand Tynor
    SKU E46-New
    Material Velvet Fabric, Aluminum & Plastic
    Warranty 6 Months Brand Warranty against manufacturing defects.
    Dimensions 24.5 x 20.7 x 5.8 cm
    Return Policy 15 Days Replacement
    The product you return must be unused and in the original condition with all the tags and receipts

    How to use ROM Elbow Brace - Tynor

    How to wear the ROM Elbow Brace:

    • Loosen all four straps of the cuffs & thread the arm through the cuffs
    • Slightly fold the arm to right angle, bring the MPGM at the center axis of the elbow joint
    • Now slightly tighten the straps closer to the MPGM on forearm and upper arm side
    • The bicep and wrist cuffs are adjustable to conform as per length of the wearers arm
    • Position the wrist cuff close to the wrist joint
    • To adjust the wrist cuff, pull the built in locking mechanism
    • Move the cuff to desired position and release the lock, it will engage automatically
    • Similarly, the bicep cuff can be adjusted to required position, slightly tighten rest of the straps
    • Check the arm movement & now tighten the straps fully to achieve a comfortable level
    • Straps are provided with Y hook tape clamp, the clamp can be removed to shorten the strap if required.

    How to adjust the angle or motion of the Elbow:

    • First set the Flexion angle
    • Pull the locking pointer lightly, rotate & push at the desired angle marked on the graduated disc
    • Bend the arm and ensure that the desired flexion angle of the elbow is attained
    • Then set the Extension angle
    • Pull the green colored locking pointer on the extension side lightly, rotate and push at the desired angle marked on the graduated disc

    How to adjust the ROM Elbow Brace for free arm movement:

    • When free flexion movement of the elbow is required, place the flexion knob at 120 degree and extension knob at 0 degree.

    How to adjust immobilization:

    • When immobilization at a particular angle is required, move both flexion & extension locking pointers to the same desired angle on the graduated disc. (limited up to 90°)
    • For Single action locking at 90°, 100° or 110°, slightly fold the forearm so that the arrow mark comes exactly in front of the marked green arrow
    • At the same time, push the green locking pointer to the same angle to achieve quick immobilization

    Applying the optional Arm Sling:

    • Apply the strap with length adjustment arrangement with the D buckle provided
    • Bring the other loose end of the sling strap over the shoulder of same elbow side & under the opposite side arm, now hook with the same D buckle
    • Remove the Y clamp hook tape fastener to adjust the sling strap, as per required comfort level
    • The sling strap can be shortened, if required, by removing the Y clamp


  • Do not use on unstable fractures
  • Not for use on patients with circulatory or sensory problems
  • Excess pull on the built in Locking mechanism for length adjustment may damage it
  • Benefits of ROM Elbow Brace - Tynor

    • Offers post-operative immobilization
    • Can be used in the conservative treatment of elbow luxation
    • Prevents injuries in sports
    • May prevent ligamentous injuries
    • Offers stabilization in case of elbow and upper limb fractures
    • Allows collateral ligament reconstruction
    • Helpful for Tennis elbow, lateral condyle release
    • Corrects the elbow hyper extension
    • Helpful in case of mild to severe soft tissue injuries

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    1. What is the elbow brace helpful for?

    The elbow brace controls and restricts the degree of flexion and extension of the elbow joint, through a sophisticated dial system that allows a range of motion or immobilization of the elbow. It has been designed for increased ease, comfort, and effectiveness in the treatment of post-operative elbow rehabilitation.

    2. What variants is the elbow brace available in?

    The elbow brace is available in two variants, i.e., Left and Right hand.

    From the Manufacturer

    Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd. was conceived at a time when Orthopaedic products available to the Indian patients were either of a very low quality or very expensive. Their aim is to provide world class and innovative solutions in the orthopaedics and allied fields. They have been working with academic and medical fraternity to help improve health care products & its standards.

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