Set Of 4 Nos Chair Bed Raiser - Pedder Johnson

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This product can be used to increase the height of chairs and bed and can also be used to elevate furniture to convenient heights. Very usef...
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The hip bone is the biggest bone of the human body supporting the weight. It acts as the connection between the lower and upper body, connecting the skeletal trunk and pelvis to legs. With deteriorating bone calcium content, they tend to become fragile and even a slight blow cause them to break.Surgeries of hip bone involve placing a rod to fix the structure. To aid sitting and lying down for the patient while in the recovery phase, Pedder Johnson chair and bed raisers definitely prove benficial. The set of 4 chair/ bed raisers from Pedder Johsnon can be placed under the chair to raise height or under the bed to bring into an incline postion.Very useful to those who have had hip replacement surgery or suffering from arthritis and or knee problems.

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SKU DWD110_12
Dimensions 11 x 14 cm
Brand Pedder Johnson

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