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Regular chanting of Shiva mantra attracts success and prosperity in all walks of life. Here is a compilation of a wide range of shiva shlok...
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Lord Shiva is the deity of Shiva Mantra. Shiva literally means "the One who is eternally pure" or "the One who not affected by three Gunas of Prakrti (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas)'. The word 'Shiva' means auspiciousness and perfection. Shiva is the power behind all the mantras. Shiva mantra is a highly famous one chanted with fervent devotion by spiritual aspirants. This is one of the most powerful mantras that is believed to remove the fear of death and confer liberation or the highest salvation that one can hope for. Chanting this mantra creates a highly positive vibration that can alleviate both physical and mental discomforts and put the devotee at peace and tranquility. It has the power to fulfill one's desire and can be also used for attainment of the ultimate liberation i.e Moksha. These mantras are mainly used to dispel fear; particularly the fear of change and is chanted for the protection against diseases, sorrows and fears. Shiva Mantra has the power to boost a person's inner potential and strength as it helps to cleanse the body, mind and soul of all the stress, rejection, failure, depression and other negative forces that we face in our daily lives.
Shiva Mantra is to be chanted when one feels weak and drained of energy; both mental as well as physical. It invokes the Shiva Tattva to immobilize, annihilate and eliminate the enemies from your path. Here is a compilation of Shiva mantras and shloks to give you the mental peace and prosperity you are looking for.

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