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An innovative product, the disinfectant doormat by Ciplaplast helps stop the spread of germs and viruses. It easily disinfects the soles of ...
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The need for sanitized homes has become of utmost importance and is going to be increasing more and more. However, just sanitizing the surfaces of your house is not enough. You need to make sure that you don’t bring any germs into the house through your shoes. This is what the Shoetizer is for. It is a disinfectant doormat designed to disinfect the soles of your footwear. It helps reduce the spread of germs and is an effective germ-killing system which eradicates cross-contamination of germs. You can use it not only in your house, but in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and other places with a high footfall too. It is an easy-to-use, cost effective and powerful solution to kill 99.9% germs on your premises. You can easily wash it with water after use without worrying about damage. You can pour up to 1 litre water plus disinfectant solution to it. The shoetizer has a simple design, just step on the wet side (the one with the disinfectant solution) and then on the dry side to remove any excess solution.


  • Helps reduce the spread of germs
  • 1 litre water + disinfectant solution can be poured
  • Effective germ-killing system
  • Can be used at home, offices, schools, etc
  • Eradicates cross-contamination of germs
  • Easy to use and wash

Product Specifications

SKU SEN397-GEC-2021
Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Cipla Industries Pvt. Ltd., Jagat Puri, New Delhi- 110051
Return Policy Non Returnable
Brand Ciplaplast
Dimensions 90 x 45 x 2.5 cm
Product Weight 1.75 kg

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1. How does the doormat work?

This is a disinfectant doormat which effectively sanitizes the bottom of your footwear. It has two sides; one is the side where you pour the disinfectant solution and the other is for you to dry your shoes. First, pour the solution on the soft cushiony side and step on it to sanitize your shoes. After that, step on the other side to remove excess disinfectant solution.

2. Where can I use it?

The shoetizer disinfectant doormat can be used not only at home, but also in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and other places with a high footfall.

From the Manufacturer

Ciplaplast is a company that has been causing revolution with its innovative and elegant bathroom accessories & gifts items. The company was setup fifteen years ago but with its high standards of quality and never seen before designs, it has been successfully impressing the consumers. The appealing ideas are so unique in their making that it's hard not to acquire one.

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