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Silicone anti slip floor mat by Tenura is made using non-toxic silicone rubber which enhances its non-slip feature and is useful for various...
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If you need support while you are standing up, sitting down, at your home, or even when you need to hold your tools while you are working, this anti slip mat does a lot for you. Using this mat while performing the tasks, will give you confidence like never before. You can wash it manually or even in dishwasher to keep it clean and look good. It can be used by the wheelchair users, beneath rugs on slippery and smooth surfaces. Tenura silicone anti-slip floor mat is available in three color variants i.e. red, blue and yellow.

  • Easily washable
  • Creates a non-slip surface
  • Perfect to be used at work or house
  • Non-toxic

Product Specifications

Seniority Special Seniority Global Exclusives
Brand Tenura UK
Material Silicone rubber
Return Policy 15 Days

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