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Room Heaters

Winters can get harsh in India and with temperatures dropping, a room heater for winter is convenient, affordable and easy to use. A room heater is the simplest and most reliable appliance that can be used to keep yourself and the room warm. Small in size a heater is portable and can be used in homes, a kitchen, bedroom or offices as per your need.

A small room heater is generally a compact unit that provides focused and localized heat, which can be carried from room to room and often easily mounted on a table top.

Buy Room Heater Online in India

Also known as space heaters, room heaters are available in the market based on the type of heating technology, size, shape, and cost suited for different types of rooms.

Ideally available in two types – gas or electric you can buy a room heater online that’s properly sized for your house.

Shop from Seniority’s range of different types of room heaters like a fan heater, electric room heater, infrared room heater, a heat convector or a carbon room heater at best prices.

Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters can be broadly classified into categories based on their heating technology – fan heaters, infrared heaters also known as a halogen room heater and an oil room heater.

Listed below are the different types of room heater -

    1. Convection room heater

    Also known as a fan heater or a heat convector, these heaters gradually heat the air in a room where a coil or a panel is used for heating. A convection room heater relies on the circulation of air to heat a room and gradually warms the air until it’s reached a uniform temperature.

    2. Carbon room heater

    A carbon fiber heater uses electricity to run but uses carbon fiber as its heating element. It has the characteristics of rapidly rising temperatures, uniformly generating heat and emits far-infrared rays.

    3. Infrared room heater

    Unlike a convection room heater, infrared heaters directly heat the object in its path using radiation technology. When the light hits your clothes and skin, it gets absorbed keeping your warm

    4. Autoic room heater

    These types of heaters monitor the room temperature and controls the temperature automatically without human intervention.

    5. Oil based room heater

    Also known as an oil filled room heater, it is a type of convection heater where oil is used as a thermal energy reservoir, not as fuel. An oil room heater is quipped with an electrical element like metal columns immersed in oil. The heating element then passes the heat to the oil which in turn heats up the metal housing. They consume less electricity and are good for power saving.

    6. Electric room heater

    It is an electrical appliance that converts produces heat through coils and heat conductors. They include both convection and infrared based heaters.

    7. Gas room heater

    A gas heater is a space heater that can help warm up a large space quickly and effectively. It works by burning natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

    8. Halogen room heater

    A halogen room heater is designed to produce heat, using an enclosed halogen bulb or lamp. These heaters are ideal for heating different types of outdoor areas due to their ability to generate a high level of heat almost instantly.

Best Room Heater Online

Several models of room heaters are available in the market, each having a unique feature.

This season shop from Seniority and buy room heater online from top brands like Usha, Bajaj, Morphy Richards, Havells, Orpat, CLearline and Oreva.

The range includes room heaters from a wide price range so that you can find the best one that not only meets your needs, but also fits your budget.

How to Choose Right Room Heater?

To choose the right room heater according to your requirements, consider the below factors –

    1. Heating technology

    Room Heaters are based on two types of technology – convection and radiant. A heat convector is an ideal choice to warm up a small space, whereas for large spaces an infrared room heater works well.

    2. Size

    As a thumb rule, keep in mind a room heater utilizes 10W for warming up 1 square foot of space. Refer to this simple formula to select the best room heater suitable for your room :

    Total square foot area x 10 = Total wattage require

    3. Overheat safety switch

    Certain models are equipped with a safety switch that turns the heater off automatically when it overheats. Some units will switch off if something or someone touches the protective grill.

    4. Length of Power Cord

    If proximity to an outlet is an issue, ensure on having an adequately long cord to eliminate the need for an extension board.

    5. Portability

    A room heater with a simple, lightweight design makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

    6. Wattage

    The power of the heater affects the amount of heat radiated, and the higher the wattage, it produces more heat.

    7. Energy efficient room heaters/cost-efficient

    It must be energy efficient as well, with no wastage of energy, thus saving on electricity and bills.

    8. Noise levels

    For a noiseless operation, radiant room heaters and oil-filled room heaters are ideal.

    9. Protective handgrips

    A comfortable grip/handle is both a necessity and a convenience when moving a heater from room to room.

    10. Safe grills

    A safe room heater will come with a protective grill in the front to help prevent it from causing injuries if a pet of child comes in contact with it.

    11. Easy installation

    A good room heater must be easy to setup, with no heavy-duty installation. All you need to do is just plug it into a wall outlet and turn it on.

    Room Air Heater For Winter Season

    A room heater blower (also known as convection room heaters, fan room heater, ceramic heaters) are equipped with a fan that blow out hot air to help heat up small to medium sized rooms in a short time. These units provide better coverage and enclose a small fan inside to circulate the warmed air in the environment.

    One of the best room heater for winter, a room air heater is one of the most cost-effective solutions to get warm along with blankets and woolen wear.

Top Room Heater Brands You Can Shop From at

    1. Orpat Room Heater Online

    Orpat is a group of companies engaged in manufacturing products ranging from simple electrical switches to high-end electronic appliances. The orpat heater range includes an orpat blower heater, orpat halogen room heater, orpat heat convector, carbon heaters and more.

    2. Bajaj Room Heater

    Bajaj electricals offer a wide variety of room heaters that range from Oil-filled radiators (OFR) and fan/blower to PTC and radiant heaters. A basic Bajaj room heater price is reasonable, and the heaters are ISI approved as well as equipped with multiple safety measures to prevent accidents.

    3. Usha Room Heater

    Offering high performance, a Usha room heater features an ISI certification mark along with a number of safety features, making it an ideal buy for homes. Their products are available at reasonable prices.

    4. Oreva Room Heater

    Oreva room heaters are made of durable and sturdy material that effectively warm up a room. Their catalogue includes quartz, element and oil filled room heaters.

    5. Havells Room Heater

    Havells has been one of the popular brands in India for providing high quality and durable household products. The company offers a range of home heaters available in different sizes, shapes and capacities.

    6. Clearline Room Heater

    Clearline’s room heaters offers robust heating systems with different necessary features for efficient heating.

Room Heaters

Low Watt Room Heater: Best Room Heaters with Low Power Consumption If the wattage of a room heater is less, it will emit less heat, the more wattage it consumes, it will emit more heat. So, more the heat, more the wattage leading to more units of electricity being consumed.

However, a low power consumption room heater can help to heat the room by using minimum power.

If you are looking to buy a heating unit consider energy efficient room heaters, so you never have to worry about a high electric bill or blowing a fuse.

Room Warmer : Buy Room Warmers Online at Best Prices in India

Also known as a room warmer, a room heater is a popular choice when it comes creating some warmth in a home or workspace that would otherwise be too cold in the winter months.

Go through Seniority’s helpful Room Heater Buying Guide in order to understand which room heater to buy for your needs.

Room Heater Online Shopping on Sale

To keep yourself warm during winter, buy from Seniority’s range of Usha, Havells, Clearline, Oreva or Orpat heaters online.

Room Heater Price: Buy Room Heaters at Lowest Price Online in India

Seniority’s range of room heaters include both small and large room heaters, available at best prices online.

Shop from Seniority’s selection of room air heaters, convection heaters, or fan heaters to help warm up rooms on a cold winter night.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is room heater?

A room heater is an electrical appliance that emits heat, which is particularly suitable in a room for people that are elderly, ill, with limited mobility or for babies.

2. Which type of room heater is good for health?

Fan based and oil filled heaters are considered as the best portable room heater in India.

3. Which type of room heater is best?

Based on your requirements, budget and size of the room, buy a room heater that has a long lifespan and wont spike your energy bills. In India, some common companies that provide best room heaters are Bajaj, Usha, Havells, Orpat heaters online. and more.

4. What is the price of room heater?

Convection heaters are available in the range of Rs. 1,000 to 2,000. Equipped with additional features like thermostat and timers, certain heating units cost about Rs. 5,000 to 7,000.

Infrared heaters or fan heaters are considered as the least expensive and are available under Rs. 1,000 to 1,500.

Oil filled room heaters are one of the most expensive in the market, that start from a pricing point of Rs. 10,000 and ranges to Rs. 15,000.

5. Does a room heater require electricity for operation?

Yes, room heaters operate by consuming electricity.

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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