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  2. 2 Solid Color Sturdy Umbrella
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The very thought of Umbrellas brings about good memories, the splash, the joy, the pattering sound of rain drops, the petrichor scent and monsoons in general. Umbrellas are of great importance and are staple to each one of us, as every year, for a few months the weather changes from being scorching hot to rainy cool. It gives us an opportunity to take those Umbrellas out and explore the rainy hues that surround you.

As the monsoon season is approaching, carrying an Umbrellas while stepping out will be a must. We at Seniority, offer you a great range of Umbrellas to choose from, our collection features some unique and well thought umbrellas to cater to your various needs and preferences.

What is an Umbrella?

An Umbrella, also interchangeably known as a Parasol is a foldable, canopy like structure which is supported by ribs that are mounted on a wooden, metal, or a plastic pole. Its basic purpose is to protect a person against rain or sunlight. Traditionally speaking, the term “Umbrella” was used when protecting oneself from rain, while the term “Parasol’ was used when protecting oneself from sunlight, these terms have become interchangeable over the years with the change in the design and use of an umbrella.

An Umbrellas is primarily a hand-held portable device which is sized for personal use. Hand-held umbrellas feature a type of handle which can be made from wood, a plastic cylinder, or a bent "crook" handle (resembling to the handle of a cane).

Umbrella: History

We have normalised the modern-day Umbrella and view it as a staple rainy day carry on, which is in fact a far cry from its stately origins. In ancient times, Umbrellas were considered to be a symbol of wealth, royalty and power and its possession was quite limited. We associate the Umbrellas with the monsoon weather, but it was originally designed to provide protection from the sun. It has evolved over the years when it comes to its purpose, style, and material used, although the signature canopy shaped structure has generally remained the same.

You can see references to the usage of umbrellas in art and literature across the globe, dating as early as the 4th century B.C. From the use of palm leaves and feathers to build a version of the umbrella to leather umbrellas and to them being a fashion statement tool. Umbrellas re-emerged as a common accessory not just for wealthy, but the general population somewhere in the 1700s.

Umbrellas now are a common accessory, a necessity carry-on for every household. There are various versions of the traditional umbrella that are available in the market. From large or small personal use umbrellas, rainy or summer use umbrellas, daily use, or designer umbrellas to a wide range of beach or patio table umbrellas, other than their basic structure, the fabric, design and purpose, everything has evolved.

Buy an Umbrella Online in India at a Low Price

There is a wide range of Umbrellas available online, ranging in price and quality points, from inexpensive, modest quality umbrellas, senior friendly umbrellas, kids’ umbrellas, umbrellas for your pets, to finely made designer-labelled umbrellas, all available as per your suited need and convenience.

Types of Umbrellas

As the trends kept evolving, so did the changes in the types of umbrellas. There were hardly any choices to choose from, and now there several options available to choose from. The different types of umbrellas depend on their size, ease of carrying, folding style, and their purpose. Here are some of the types of umbrellas that are in use currently.

Differentiated according to the Size

1) Mini Umbrellas

These Mini umbrellas are extremely handy to carry as they are mostly light in weight. Mini Umbrellas are mostly suitable for personal use, which means they are ideal for one or two individuals only. Their diameter may help offer protection to an individual but will not be very effective if accommodating more individuals under its shelter. They can be both, manually and automatically operated.

2) Big Umbrellas

These Big Umbrellas have a bigger diameter and are more accommodating. They are suitable for a minimum of 3-4 people. Bigger umbrellas are usually used as patio or beach umbrellas to offer protection from not just the rain but also the sun. You may find bigger umbrellas being used mostly in summers. There are many options to choose from, from inexpensive and simple to expensive big umbrellas, the big umbrella prices may defer from brand to brand.

Differentiated according to Ease of Carrying

1) Pocket Umbrella

Pocket Umbrellas are the kind of umbrellas that can become highly compressed in size, they can ideal when you do not have the luxury of carrying too many things. These pocket sized or compact umbrellas fit easily in your glove compartment and even the side pockets of you carrying bags or purses making carrying the umbrellas hand free. Pocket sized umbrellas usually feature a foldable frame and design.

2) Foldable Umbrella

Foldable umbrellas usually come in 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold, 5-fold style. The Foldable style makes carrying the umbrella easy while also saving a lot of space, which the umbrella would have otherwise taken. The common one is the 3 folded umbrellas. Folding helps you make the umbrella compact and easy to fit into any handbag or glove compartment.

3) Capsule Umbrella

Capsule umbrellas can have characteristics of other types of umbrellas, but they all have one thing in common – they are small enough to fit into nearly anything, from a pocket to a briefcase and even a purse. They are quite similar to pocket umbrellas. They may look smaller when in a folded state, but when they are open, they are just as large as a regular umbrella. Many of them also have an automatic opening and closing mechanisms.

Differentiated according to the Opening Type

1) Manual Umbrellas

Manual Umbrellas as the name suggest, need some manpower to open the umbrella as no auto function is present. Manual umbrellas show a more traditional approach, you open and close the umbrella yourself. This is a matter of personal preference, keep in mind that a good quality manual umbrella will be easy to open and close and will not cause any hassle.

Eg- Camouflage Regular Umbrella J shaped Handle (Assorted Colors)

2) Automatic Umbrellas

Automatic umbrellas are designed with a unique system that allows you to open them through a simple push of a button, which is located on the shaft. Their efficiency enhances multi-tasking, as you can easily open/close your umbrella while handling other items. Automatic opening umbrellas are very easy to use, simply press the button on the handle, and the umbrella opens automatically. Push the button again and the umbrella surface folds inward toward the mast. All you need to do now is pull the frame or the mast downward toward the handle.

3) Straight umbrellas

Straight umbrellas are a kind of non-collapsible parasol, they are similar to the traditional style of umbrellas. A straight umbrella includes four basic parts such as the canopy, handle, runner, and tube. Each part serves its own functions and gives the umbrella a distinct appeal that sets it apart from other popular types available in the market.

Eg- Printed Regular Umbrella J Shaped Handle

Differentiated according to the Folding Type

1) 2 Fold umbrella

A two folding umbrella lets the umbrella’s frame be folded into two sections. With their durable structures, two folding umbrellas are a great portable tool for rainy and sunny days.  2-fold umbrellas are compact and made from top quality materials. Furthermore, the rib sizes of two folding umbrellas vary, with the first rib in the frame being slightly longer than the second rib. They also feature the windproof functionality of a long handle umbrella, making them easier to carry around

2) 3 Fold Umbrella –

These are one of the common types of folding umbrellas. As its name suggests, this type of umbrella features three folding keels, which means that it can be folded three times. These umbrellas usually have buttons to close and open them automatically and are a perfect rainy-day gear to carry around. These umbrellas are also highly compact and firmly structured, the first rib usually being the shortest. Three folding umbrellas are widely used, as they are small and easy to carry around. But when it comes to their function in resisting winds and heavy rains, they are inferior to two folding and long, straight umbrellas.

3) 5 Fold Umbrella –

A 5-fold Umbrella is known for its short and easy to carry design. 5 folded umbrellas are the shortest, their compact size makes it extremely handy and very easy to fit into a handbag or glove compartment. Their small size and foldable nature also allow you pack them anywhere in your luggage, making it easy to carry when on the go.

Differentiated according to the Users Age

1) Kids umbrellas

Kids umbrellas are usually available in a variety of designs and colours to make them look interesting and appealing to the kids’ eye. These umbrellas often feature a small arc size canopy which is designed specially to shelter a small kid built. They are also designed to be light in nature, as they have a shorter shaft than most umbrellas.

2) Senior Special Umbrellas

Many times, the elderly have difficulty holding umbrellas (due to various reasons, such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome), selecting an umbrella which is right for the elderly is important. These umbrellas usually come with the handlebar that has a great grip, making them easy to hold and operate.

Differentiated according to their Purpose or Use

1) Beach umbrella

Beach Umbrellas, as the name suggests are heavy and large types of umbrellas whose only purpose is to offer protection against the sun. They are a type of Parasols as they are often large and stationary type umbrellas, but they can also come in smaller foldable sizes.

2) Patio umbrellas

A patio umbrella usually makes an appearance on your deck or porch during the summertime. These umbrellas are set on porches and patios to let you sit underneath it and enjoy the summer while also being protected from the heat and sun rays

3) Golf Umbrellas

A Golf Umbrella features a wider canopy, you can even carry a standard sized golf bag. They are designed to offer protection & shelter to the golfers as well as their belongings. A golf umbrella handle is usually a straight body shape rather than curved shape, to offer convenience to the golf player.

Innovative new types of umbrellas

1) Reverse Umbrellas

Inverted Reverse Umbrellas: This umbrella is a necessary tool for raining days. Its unique reverse open and close system lets the water stays away from you by funnelling into the umbrella when it is closed. This unique reverse folding mechanism protects you from getting wet. It also prevents spilling water all over the floor and avoids damage from strong winds.

Eg- Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle - Seniority

2) C Hook Umbrella

Unique C shaped handle frees your hands making it easy for you to multitask, i.e to hold a baby or use a mobile phone or carrying things if needed. These umbrellas are of great help, the C-shape handle that can be easily fixed to your forearm to relieve you from holding the umbrella all the while.

3) Self-Standing Umbrella

It can stand up upright on its own, ideal for when you have nowhere to prop your umbrella up. These umbrellas are highly innovative, they usually feature strong metal tips which keeps the umbrella stable and prevent it from falling over.

4) Durable Windproof Umbrella

These windproof umbrellas are specially made with extra thick canopies, the reason they work so well is that they are made with a special reinforced material, and they are designed to withstand any kind of wind, heavy rains, and inclement weather. If you live in an area that experiences heavy and windy rainy monsoon weather, these high-wind umbrellas may be a great rainy-day accessory for you.

Eg- Design Magic Umbrella

5) Umbrella Cap/Hat

This unique combination of an umbrella canopy on a hat is designed protect your head from the sun as well as the rain. This umbrella hat is small, but efficient to keep you from getting heated up during summers and all year round. These functional and fashionable umbrella caps are easy to wear and usually feature an elastic of adjustable strap to hold the umbrella hat in place.

Choose from Various Options Available Online

There is a wide range of umbrellas available online, not just varying in shapes, sizes, and their use but also in their design, pattern, colour and much more. Here are a few umbrellas that you may come across while browsing for umbrellas online.

  • Design Magic Umbrella: Made from high quality fiber material combined with windproof structure this umbrella ensures durability. It comes in a bright colour which makes it an attractive choice. It is constructed with high-tech nano polymer compound coating layer which prevents 95% of the UV rays. The J shaped handle ensures that you have a firm grip while holding this umbrella.
  • Cooling Fan Umbrella with Cover: This unique Folding Umbrella with a built-In fan combines a breeze generating from the cooling fan, a sun-blocking parasol, and a rain-shielding umbrella all-in-one. This multipurpose umbrella is highly versatile and portable.
  • Rainbow Printed Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle – Seniority: This Inverted umbrella is made of Pongee fabric with fibre glass ribs and has a plastic handle with metal tips. It features a C-shaped handle, reverse mechanism that allows you to close the umbrella from inside out. It has a unique auto-open frame design which allows you to conveniently open it.
  • Solid Colour Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle – Seniority: This Inverted C-shaped handle umbrella is made of Pongee fabric with fibre glass ribs and has a plastic handle with metal tips. It has a reverse mechanism that allows you to close the umbrella from inside out. The memory flex frame redistributes extreme wind force and the double layer cloth cover makes the umbrella extremely durable.
  • Traditional straight umbrellas: This type of umbrella has a timeless look, complete with the arced canopy and hook handle. This wood stick umbrella also features, polished wood crook handle and matching spoke tips, this automatic opening range of walking style umbrellas is perfect for rainy days.
  • Straight Auto Rainbow Umbrella: Made from high quality, waterproof fabrics that are strong, lightweight, and flexible to help them work in harmony with the frame. The umbrella is not foldable and opens, automatically at the tap of a button.
  • Dome Shaped Transparent Umbrella: These visually appealing Umbrellas are trendy and stylish. They feature a clear & transparent canopy like structure which offers total and all-round visibility. The umbrella is automatic and opens at the tap of a button.
  • Polyester Scooter/Bike Umbrella: Designed to make riding your scooter/bike during monsoon and even hot days of summer, this umbrella for scooters and bikes can protect you from the heat, harmful UV rays and rain making your ride comfortable. The umbrella is easy to install and is suitable for almost all bikes/scooters. One can comfortably ride at 60-70 km/h with this umbrella.
  • Designer Umbrella: There are several designer umbrellas available worldwide. Bigger brands have also introduced some stylish and designer umbrellas, they may have different patterns, ornaments, colour scheme, tassels and much more
  • Paper Umbrella - Back in ancient China, paper parasols were used to protect nobility from the sun. Nowadays these decorative paper umbrellas can be found in souvenir shops. Paper umbrellas often have intricate designs and are now used mostly for decorative purposes.

Choose from Various Colour Options Available Online

There is a wide range of umbrellas available online, all varying in shapes, sizes, and colours. These umbrellas are available in almost colours to help you take a pick as per your choice and preference.

  • Colourful Umbrella – Traditionally umbrellas were not available in many colours and patterns, there are number of umbrellas available online in various patterns and designs now. Colourful umbrellas are a favourite as they are also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Black Umbrella – Black umbrellas usually have a more traditional and classic look. Black coloured umbrellas are available both in manual and automatic type. Because of a neutral and simple look, they go gracefully with anyone. Black umbrellas are also favoured in summers to radiate back the heat and protect the user.
  • Transparent Umbrella – Transparent umbrellas have a more visually appealing look; they are favoured for being trendy and unique. They feature a clear & transparent canopy like structure which offers total and all-round visibility. The transparent canopy sheet is made from durable material to withstand the rain, making it not only stylish but also very efficient.


Which Is the Right Umbrella for You

Choosing a right umbrella is necessary as you may end up with an umbrella that may be not be suitable according to the type of weather you live in, or according to your need & specific purpose or ideal with an underlying health condition.

Here are certain things to keep in mind while selecting the right umbrella:

1) The Weight of The Umbrella and Its Size While Closed:

You may select the type of umbrellas according to your need and convenience. If you are looking for a personal umbrella, you may prefer a small, practical, and an easy to store pocket umbrellas making it easy to carry, they are also ideal for space saving. The weight of the umbrellas matters if you have joint related issues, or if you are looking for an umbrella which can be used while multitasking, in such cases a lightweight umbrella is the way to go.

2) Durability:

The durability of an umbrellas is one of the important factors to keep in mind while purchasing an umbrella. A sturdy, well-built umbrella will not only be resilient to heavy rain and strong winds but also last longer.

3) Umbrella Coverage:

If you are looking for umbrellas suitable enough to accommodate 2 or more individuals, you may opt for an umbrella which has a larger diameter and offers more coverage. Their large diameter and long cane length offer total protection from the rain. Similarly, an umbrella with a smaller coverage will be suitable for maybe one person. Baby Umbrellas and Kids Umbrellas are even lesser in diameter as they are designed to offer coverage to a small kid, the cane length also lessens according to the size of coverage to support the frame of the umbrella and to make it comfortable for the user to hold.

4) Types of Opening and Closing:

These are mostly two types of opening and closing mechanisms used for umbrellas, i.e the manual opening and automatic opening. The Automatic opening umbrellas operate on a simple principle: when you press the button on the handle, the umbrella opens automatically. Push the button again and the umbrella surface folds inward toward the mast. The manual umbrellas on the other hand needs some manpower for opening and closing it. You may choose the type of umbrella based on its opening and closing as per your need and convenience.

Baby & Kids Umbrella Online at Low Price

These umbrellas are as small sized as the kids holding them, they are usually for kids in the 3 to 12 Years age group. They are also smaller in height, almost always brightly coloured, and features fun designs, patterns, or popular cartoon characters to make them look appealing for the kids. There are several brands online that have a great collection of kids umbrellas and at really good prices.

Umbrella Prices: Know the Cost of Umbrellas Online

As there are “n” number of umbrellas online to choose from, each varying in a number of ways, their prices defer from brand to brand and from umbrella to umbrella. Thus, the Umbrella prices may start from the lowest of three digits to expensive designer ones. You may choose the one preferred by you.

Umbrella Shops Near Me

As it is the beginning of monsoon, and umbrellas being a staple as well as a necessity, you may find umbrellas available with the local vendors as well as online with great offers and in a range of choices. Browse through Seniority’s great range of innovative new umbrellas to use this season.

Other Top Umbrella Manufacturers Online in India

  • Sun Umbrellas - Sun is one of the most popular umbrella brands in India and among the biggest umbrella manufacturing companies. Since the 1880 they have been offering good quality umbrellas. Sun umbrella’s carry great durability and equally great performing features.
  • Popy Umbrellas – Popy is also one of the biggest brands of quality umbrellas. Their umbrellas are crafted with top quality material that is all season fabric. They also have a range of different kinds of umbrellas like folding umbrellas, classic umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, golf umbrellas and much more.
  • Stag Umbrellas - It is one of the oldest brands of umbrellas. They offer good quality umbrellas as they are experienced in creating umbrellas that can be used in every season and those that are durable. They have a range of various kinds of umbrellas that are very strong and sturdy. It offers different size range as well, such as classic, bubble, storm or any other umbrella, this brand will offer you any of them.
  • John’s Umbrellas – Also one of leading brands that has been crafting umbrellas for past 70 years. The brand offers amazing range of umbrellas that are both great in quality and durability. Their umbrellas also ensure safety and durability first.
  • Citizen Umbrellas – Citizen is also one of the oldest umbrella manufacturing brands, set up in Kolkata. Their main motive is to offer user satisfaction and total value for money. These umbrellas carry top features, are durable and affordable.

Checkout Various Branded Umbrellas Online at

Seniority has a great range of innovative umbrellas to choose from. Its exclusive range includes, reverse and inverted umbrellas, umbrellas with unique handle and designs to cater to various needs and preferences. Choose the right umbrella from Seniority’s collection of umbrellas.

1) Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle – Seniority

This double layered umbrella is windproof and highly durable. Its unique feature is its C-shape handle which allows you to keep your hands free and lets you multitask. It also features a reversible design that prevents the water from dripping, keeping your surroundings, floors, and cars dry. The umbrella has 8 reinforced fibreglass ribs and a breathable double layer canopy that can protect you from heavy rains and winds. Due to its aerodynamic design, the umbrella adjusts to the most convenient position in the wind, making it easy to use.












2) Cooling Fan Umbrella with Cover

It is a Folding Umbrella that features a unique built-In fan. The umbrella is a combination of a cooling fan, a sun-blocking parasol, and a rain-shielding umbrella all-in-one. This multipurpose umbrella is highly versatile and portable. It may help block 99% of the sun's UV rays and is also coated with a water-repellent finish. It features an integrated 3-bladed cooling fan inside the umbrella. Perfect for hot summer days at sporting events, the beach, or just taking a leisurely stroll.

3) Solid Color Sturdy Umbrella - Black

Offering a comfortable grip and sturdy frame, this simple looking umbrella is windproof. It can protect yourself from strong wind and heavy downpour. The umbrella is big enough to accomodate two people when opened. Its strong ribs and shaft make the umbrella extremely sturdy and suitable for harsh weather conditions.

4) Mini Capsule Folding Umbrella (Assorted Color)

These Mini Capsule Folding Umbrellas are made of high-quality fibre material combined with a windproof structure which prevents the umbrella from getting damaged, if overturned. It is constructed of high-tech nano polymer compound and coating that prevents 95% of UV rays. Being water repellent, the raindrops do not stay for longer on the umbrella canopy and gets away easily. It comes with a capsule looking case to help you carry the umbrella along with you, even when on the go.

5) Solid Color Sturdy Umbrella (Assorted Colors)

This windproof umbrella opens with just the press of a button. This umbrella comes with a J shaped handle and has been ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable hold. This high-quality umbrella is perfect for travelling and can be easily stored.

Solid Color Sturdy Umbrella

6) Solid Colour Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle – Seniority

This Inverted umbrella by Seniority features a reverse mechanism design that allows you to close the umbrella from inside, it also has a C-shaped handle. It is made of Pongee fabric with fibre glass ribs and has a plastic handle with metal tips. It offers protection against harmful UV rays and has zero light transmission design. It has a unique auto-open frame design which allows you to conveniently open it while also doing other tasks. The memory flex frame redistributes extreme wind force and the double layer cloth cover makes the umbrella extremely durable.

Buy Umbrellas in Bulk Online at Best Price - Shop from an excellent range of umbrellas online in bulk. There are several types of umbrellas available online and in different types, patterns, sizes, and colours.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Where to buy umbrellas near me?

There is a wide collection of umbrellas available online. All that you are looking for in one place, shop for umbrellas online as there are great choices to choose from. Check out Seniority’s collection of umbrellas

2) Why a black umbrella is used in summers?

The black coloured body of the umbrella absorbs all radiation (e.g. heat, light, ultraviolet). It helps radiate the radiation in a typical spectrum called the black-body spectrum. Studies have confirmed that the darker the colour of the umbrella. The better the anti-ultraviolet effect. Therefore, the anti-UV performance of umbrellas that are dark in colour is better.

It is known by everyone that black coloured clothes during summers will make you feel very hot. It is because the black heat absorption ability is strong. On the contrary, if a black umbrella is supported on the top of the head, the heat is absorbed by the umbrella. Therefore, a black coloured umbrella is preferred during summers.

3) What is a sun umbrella?

Umbrellas were traditionally used for protecting yourself from rain, and Parasols used for protecting oneself from sunlight, the terms are now used interchangeably. Often the difference is the material used for the canopy may separate the purpose as some parasols are not waterproof.

4) What is an umbrella?

Umbrella is sort of a sheltering device that has a circular canopy made of cloth and other waterproof materials, featuring a folding metal frame supported by a central rod. It is used for protection against rain and well as the run rays.

5) What is an umbrella used for?

An Umbrella is a hand-held and a portable device used for protection against rain and sunlight. A modern umbrella features a circular fabric or plastic screen stretched over frame with hinged ribs that radiate from a central pole.

6) How are umbrellas made to be waterproof?

Most umbrellas are water resistant as they feature a tightly woven fabric canopy that does not absorb water like nylon or polyester. They can be improved in some cases by spraying with a silicone water "proofing" spray or due to special coatings that makes a film to repel the water, so the drops roll off faster. The tightly woven fabric is water resistant because of the surface tension of water and the small spaces or pores of the fabric.

7) Why do umbrellas have different handles?

Over time, the umbrella has evolved into a versatile tool that now serves a variety of purposes. But there’s one thing that all umbrellas have in common, it doesn’t matter what type of umbrella it is, they all have handles. These umbrellas may have different handles for various reasons such as:

• To enhance the grip & make it convenient to carry

• To help you multitask while also carrying an umbrella

• To make it comfortable for people with weaker joints

• To change the handle according to different frames and designs of the umbrellas

• Types of handles include, Wooden, Aluminium, Rubber, EVA Foam, Silica Gel, Bamboo, Plastic & Acrylic handles that may come in round, Stick, C, J or Cane shaped handles, each varying in grip and function.

Products & Price list:

Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle - Seniority 489.00
Solid Color Sturdy Umbrella 499.00
Camouflage Regular Umbrella J shaped Handle (Assorted Colors) 1016.00
Printed Regular Umbrella J Shaped Handle 439.00

Data last updated on 01/01/2023

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