Sock Slider Easy on Sock Aid Helper

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Easiest way to put your socks on and take them off. No bending, stretching, or straining.
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This aid kit is designed to assist individuals who have difficulty bending to put on or take off their socks. The Easy On Sock Aid consists of a U-shaped half cylinder mounted at an angle on a flat base. The base has a hook for positioning the Easy Off Sock Aid. To put on your sock, place the Easy On Sock Aid on your lap or between your thighs, place the toe of the sock in the middle of the half cylinder pointing down, and roll the upper portion of the sock down on the outside of the half cylinder. Then place the Sock Aid on the floor, insert your foot into the sock, and slide the heel down along the half cylinder to complete putting on the sock. The Easy Off Sock Aid consists of a shaft with an end piece that has two prongs with a curved loop in between.

To remove your sock, slide the loop end of the tool between the top of the sock and the ankle and push the sock down past the heel with the two prongs catching the cuff of the sock. Then let the shaft drop to the floor and steps on it with the other foot. The foot is removed from the sock, while the sock remains attached to the prongs. Return the Easy Off Sock Aid to an upright position and bring the sock within reach. Easy for one-handed users.

  • No bending down
  • Two part device that makes putting on and taking socks off easy
  • One simple step and they are on, one swift movement and they are off
  • Users with mobility limitations, injuries, and pregnancy
  • Packs up easy for storage & convenient travel

Product Specifications

SKU Sock_Slider
Brand Generic
Material Plastic
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 10 cm

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