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Stevia dry leaves that act as a good alternative of sugar. Stevia dry leaves are a natural sweetener which is very low in calories. It is ex...
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Why eat sugar when you have a healthy sugar substitute? Stevia rebaudiana bertoni is a sweet herb 25 to 30 times sweeter than sugar. It contains no calories. It has a number of minerals, salts, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, volatile oils, proteins and fiber which promotes health. NutriValue pioneered the launch of Stevia in India in its natural form to the consumer 8 years ago. A diabetic-friendly sweetener, Stevia dry leaves help to reduce calories. Stevia Dry Leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-glycaemic and anti-hypertensive properties. There are over 6000 regular users who have benefitted by its use.

  • An intense sweet blend of stevia with sucrose
  • Stevia zero calorie natural sugar substitute
  • Non nutritive sweetner
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No after taste

  • Features
    • Being an all natural product, they do not cause havoc to the health
    • Helps in weight control as the plant has a very few caloric content in it
    • A great treatment for people suffering from diabetes
    • Works a great anti-aging and anti-bacterial agent/medicine
    • Help to control Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
    • Aids in digestion and reduces acidity
    • Anti Oxidant and a weight loss aid
    • Cardiac tonic

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