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Made with 100% natural stevia plant, NutoActive stevia leaves acts as a natural sugar substitute. Stevia leaves are sweet and contain a lot ...
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The 100% natural and gluten free stevia is a naturally sweet plant which can be used by diabetic patients to control cravings of sugar without increasing the blood sugar level. Stevia contains “sativoside” which is a non-carbohydrate compound, foods and beverages containing stevia can play an important role in decreasing calories from unwanted sweeteners in the diets and may help maintaining the blood sugar levels.

  • Plant based sugar substitute with zero calorie
  • Helps in weight management
  • Suitable for diabetic patients
  • Safe to use as it contains no chemicals
  • Helps maintaining the sugar levels
  • Decreases calories from everyday beverages and desserts
  • Considered 200 times sweeter than sugar
  • Stevia leaves can be used to sweeten your beverage like tea, coffee, milk, lemonade or soup

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Shelf Life 24 months
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Brand Nutro Active

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