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  1. 1 Bamboo Bed and Pillow Cover Set (Brown) - Seniority
    Bamboo Bed and Pillow Cover Set (Brown) - Sen...
    ₹1,399 ₹3,499
    60% OFF
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  2. 2 Zero Block - Seniority
    Zero Block - Seniority
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  3. 3 Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle - Seniority
    Magicbrella - Inverted Magic Umbrella with C-...
    ₹489 ₹900
    46% OFF
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  4. 4 Acoosta Suno Bhakti - Powered by Sony Music - Seniority Exclusive
    Acoosta Suno Bhakti - Powered by Sony Music -...
    ₹1,499 ₹3,499
    57% OFF
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  5. 5 Aloe Fresh Socks Crafted for Corporate - Montac Lifestyle
    Aloe Fresh Socks Crafted for Corporate - Mo...
    ₹449 ₹499
    10% OFF
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  6. 6 Disposable Non Woven Slipper (Free Size - 5 Pairs) - Kudize
    Disposable Non Woven Slipper (Free Size - 5 P...
    ₹345 ₹525
    34% OFF
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  7. 7 Bokomo Hand Held Scalp Massager (Pack Of 2) - Deemark
    Bokomo Hand Held Scalp Massager (Pack Of 2) -...
    ₹194 ₹499
    61% OFF
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  8. 8 Telescopic Torch With Magnetic Head
    Telescopic Torch With Magnetic Head
    ₹499 ₹599
    17% OFF
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  9. 9 4 Ply Protect Handkerchief Set of 2 - Tempo
    4 Ply Protect Handkerchief Set of 2 - Tempo...
    ₹315 ₹350
    10% OFF
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  10. 10 Car Visor - Tissue Holder and Dispenser
    Car Visor - Tissue Holder and Dispenser
    ₹349 ₹500
    30% OFF
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  11. 11 Personal Handheld Mini Fan (4 inch) - Geek Aire
    Personal Handheld Mini Fan (4 inch) - Geek Ai...
    ₹1,299 ₹2,299
    43% OFF
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  12. 12 King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand BRC-750 - Ciplaplast
    King Jumbo Cloth Drying Stand BRC-750 - Cipla...
    ₹2,609 ₹4,445
    41% OFF
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  13. 13 Rectangular UV Protected Aviators For Men Smoke Black - Tom Martin
    Rectangular UV Protected Aviators For Men Smo...
    ₹979 ₹2,399
    59% OFF
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  14. 14 Cool Gel Memory Foam Neck Pillow (Turquoise Blue) - Viaggi
    Cool Gel Memory Foam Neck Pillow (Turquoise B...
    ₹2,095 ₹2,299
    9% OFF
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  15. 15 2 in 1 Snack and Drink Snackeez Cup (Multi-color)
    2 in 1 Snack and Drink Snackeez Cup (Multi-co...
    ₹449 ₹949
    53% OFF
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  16. 16 Natural Refreshing Intimate Wash (200ml) - Sirona
    Natural Refreshing Intimate Wash (200ml) - Si...
    ₹299 ₹349
    14% OFF
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  17. 17 Antifungal Body Wash and Foot Soak (300 ml) - Kayos Botanicals
    Antifungal Body Wash and Foot Soak (300 ml) -...
    ₹499 ₹599
    17% OFF
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  18. 18 Noni Juice (500 ml) - Zindagi
    Noni Juice (500 ml) - Zindagi
    ₹475 ₹480
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  19. 19 Antibacterial White Center Handkerchiefs - Kerfs
    Antibacterial White Center Handkerchiefs - Ke...
    ₹379 ₹390
    3% OFF
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  20. 20 Aloe Vera Cooling Gel Eye Mask - K Kudos
    Aloe Vera Cooling Gel Eye Mask - K Kudos
    ₹194 ₹325
    40% OFF
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  21. 21 Nimbu Wala Fresh Toilet Seat Sanitizer - (50 ml each Set of 4) - Be The Solution
    Nimbu Wala Fresh Toilet Seat Sanitizer - (50 ...
    ₹439 ₹528
    17% OFF
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Summer Special

Summer Sale

Welcome summertime with Seniority’s Summer Sale 2020. It is the perfect time to go travel or try out new activities, both indoors and outdoors. To keep up with all the activities, it is necessary that you are prepared to conquer the heat. 

As the temperature keeps on increasing each year, so does the need to protect yourself from the heat. It is important that you stay cool as the heat may cause you to become dehydrated and promote follow up health issues such as heat strokes or heat exhaustion. Extreme exposure to heat is bad not only for human beings but also animals and plants. This summer sale is packed with all kinds of essentials to let you have a worry free and safe summer time. 

Beat the heat with this wide range of summer suitable products which are designed specially to make your life easier during summertime. This summer sale includes all the products which you can use throughout the season. 

Ways to beat the summer heat

1) Keep yourself cool – The best way to beat the summer heat is to keep your body cool naturally. It is important that the body temperature does not hike too much to prevent heat strokes. Avoid being in the sun for too long, at least during the hottest part of the day.

2) Stay hydrated – Being hydrated not only cools the body from within but also helps make it easier for your heart to pump blood. Which means that the heart doesn't have to work harder when your body is already experiencing temperature hikes.

3) Wear summer appropriate clothes – Avoid wearing dark coloured or thick clothes that might make you sweat or perspire more as perspiration will not only make you feel exhausted but also make you feel dehydrated. It is usually advised that cotton clothes are ideal for summers as they are porous in nature and offer proper air circulation.

4) Keep the surroundings cool – It is necessary for the body to be cool that the surroundings be cool as well. Use air coolers, natural bamboo curtains, air conditioners, DIY air conditioners, make good use of fans and keep the air circulating in the room.

5) Summer friendly food – Try eating smaller meals and eat more fruits and vegetables which have a cooling effect on the body and are rich in nutrients. For example, watermelons or cucumber are considered the best for summers. Avoid alcohol, hot or sugary drinks including tea and coffee as they can cause dehydration. It is the perfect time to go make those smoothies and shakes.

6) Carry essentials while out in the heat – Travel light but make sure you carry necessary items which will come in handy in case you start experiencing heat exhaustion. There are certain must haves such as a portable fan (they maybe manual or electric), handkerchiefs, caps or hats, a well-insulated bottle which keeps the water cold for a long time and most importantly invest in a good quality high SPF sunscreen which protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. 

7) Be in touch with your loved ones – Avoid going out at the hottest time of the day, if you are out be in touch with people who may be able to help you in case of need.

8) Take care of plants & animals – Water plants regularly to keep them hydrated to prevent them from drying out due to extreme heat. You can also leave out food and water for animals to help them beat the summer heat.

Summer Special Offer on Wide Range of Products

Seniority’s Summer sale lets you choose from a wide range of products, which includes products ideal for - 

Self-Care –

These are personal care products which are highly useful during summertime. It is important to take care of yourself and be prepared to deal with the heat. These innovative products are suitable for you and your loved ones. Self care products include – 

    1) Aloe Vera Eye Mask – Aloe vera is known for its cooling and soothing effects. This eye mask is filled with aloe vera gel which relieves stress and offers heat absorption therapy after being in the sun for too long. This eye mask can be kept in the refrigerator to make it chillier and then applied directly over the eyes. It also features an adjustable strap making it ideal for people of any age. You can also choose from a range of Seniority’s aloe vera face masks.

    2) Ice Bags – You can cool your head after travelling in the sun for a long time with these Printed Ice bags made from polyester and ABS plastic. They are not only ideal for inflammations and swellings but can also be used to get quicker relief from headaches caused due to excessive heat.

    3) Foot Spa Folding – Taking care of your feet during summers is very important as they absorb the most heat while walking. This Foot spa is portable and gives you the option to enjoy spa treatment in the comfort of your home. The gentle vibration massage will help you de-stress, ease and soothe away aches and relax tense muscles. 

Travelling –

As everybody is in a vacation mood, taking trips and travelling to various places is a must. It is also a must to be packed with all the necessities while on the go. Products like travel bags etc are designed to make your travel comfortable and hassle free. Travelling during summers has its own pros and cons. It’s warm and breezy but unfortunately it can get too hot which can make your journey not only uncomfortable but also highly stressful. Exhaustion due to heat is a real thing, all you can do is be prepared. There’s a wide range of travel and summer friendly products to help you have the best time while travelling.

    1) Cooling Gel Pillow – Designed to support the neck while travelling and to offer a cooling effect to beat the heat, this Cooling Gel Pillow will make a perfect travel accessory. The Gel Pad integrated on the top, perfectly disperses your body heat and lets you feel cool for a long time

    2) Cooling Fan Umbrella With Cover – Perfect accessory while travelling as the umbrella will protect you from the scorching sun and the 3-bladed fan inside will keep you cool.

    3) Individual Insulin Cooling Travel Wallet – This innovative travel wallet is an evaporative cooling unit designed to keep insulin cool, i.e within safe temperatures of 18 to 26 degrees Celsius for approximately 45 hours making it a perfect summer essential and ideal while travelling.

    4) Rechargeable Portable Fan – A portable fan is a perfect summer essential as it will be your own personal cooling system even when you are on the go. The fan is lightweight, cordless and can be recharged easily.

Skin Care –

The blazing sun and the scorching heat can be extremely harsh on your skin. To top the heat the pollution will also help strip away your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it oily, dull, and blemished. It is important that you take care of your skin during summer as you sweat a lot during this time. Sweat can cause various infections, bad odour, rashes and chafing. Shop from various summer friendly products.

    1) Sunscreens – Investing in a good sunscreen is very important as the harmful UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher and protect your skin from being exposed to the rays. 

    2) Anti-Chafing Creams – Excessive sweating and friction can cause chafing. These anti-chafing creams are formulated to protect you against redness and soreness caused due to friction.

    3) Soothing Foot Powder – Summers can be especially rough on your feet. Heat can cause excessive moisture and sweating inside shoes can give rise to infections. The foot powder helps absorb the moisture keeping your feet dry and odour less.

    4) Mosquito & Insect Repellents – Summers is the perfect season for insects and mosquitoes as they are highly suited to the warm weather. They are carriers of diseases and it is important that you be careful. Buy effective repellents or mosquito nets and be safe this summer.

Daily Use –

Summer lasts for 2 to 3 months depending on your location, which means you need long lasting, durable and everyday use products to beat the heat and to enjoy the weather. The summer sale includes products for daily use.

    1) Bamboo Bed – Getting a sound and comfortable sleep during summer is almost impossible as it is too hot, or the blanket is too warm or the mattress itself is uncomfortable. This bamboo bed is waterproof, allows air circulation which helps in reduction of sweat and heat formation.

    2) Mini Air Cooler – Keeping the room cool will in turn help you feel cool. This Mini air cooler is lightweight and highly portable. This air cooler is a USB or battery device and is a must-have for summers. It is ideal for your home, office or even while travelling. 

    3) Ice Cube Makers – Make cool shakes and drinks using this ice cube maker. It is a perfect summer companion; it also replaces the traditional ice tray. The ice cube maker is made from flexible silicone. It features airtight inner chambers to hold onto the ice cubes while the outer chamber lets it freeze.

    4) Honeycomb Cushion – It is a perfect accessory as it can be used throughout the summer season. It is a soft, gel-based cushion which allows proper air circulation to make it cool and comfortable for you to sit throughout the day. Suitable for car seats, chairs etc


It's getting hot in here - must be you in our stylish summer essentials! It is the perfect time to bring out your light and airy collection of summer clothes. These clothes are ideal for the season as they are porous and allow proper air circulation even when you are out. You can pair your summer clothes with sunglasses and slippers to feel comfortable and still be in style. Seniority’s collection of senior friendly summer essentials includes – 

    1) Kurtas – Made of 100% cotton material, you can wear these stylish kurtas on any of your favourite trousers, jeans or salwar. These skin friendly kurtas are ideal during the hot summer days.

    2) Sunglasses – Beat the heat in style with these UV Protected Sunglasses. They have a stylish look and feature composite lenses to block UVA and UVB radiations to protect your eyes from long-term damage caused due to harmful rays.

    3) Slippers – Seniority offers a wide range of slippers to help beat the heat. The slippers are senior friendly, slip resistant and made to offer extreme comfort and aeration to your feet while also absorbing the shock while walking. There are various acupressure slippers also available to offer a massaging effect to your feet.

Plants & Animals –

Take care of the beings who cannot expressly ask for help. As summers are harsh even on plants and animals, we offer a wide range of summer special products to help you cater to the needs of these beings. Extreme heat is bad for the plants as they usually dry out, make sure the plants are well hydrated this summer. Even your little furry buddies, birds, squirrels and other animals are affected by the extreme heat, help them stay hydrated this summer with our range of pet care products.

    1) Water Sprinklers – The grass is not always greener on the other side, with our water sprinkler which covers a 20 feet area and features 12 hose connectors keep your plants, gardens or lawns fresher and greener

    2) Jet Water Spray Gun – Seniority’s summer special sale includes this water spray gun to keep your plants and lawns hydrated and fresh all summer.

    3) Food and Water Bird Feeders – We have a great collection of bird feeders to help birds, squirrels and other animals stay hydrated and refreshed this summer. The collection includes plastic, wooden or polyresin made feeders.

    4) Pet care products – Your furry buddies need their own range to summer specials to beat the heat. They are your travel buddies as well and therefore we provide you with a car seat for pets, it will allow you to take them anywhere you go without having to worry about their hair everywhere. We also have water bowls, pet grooming brushes, shampoos and creams to protect their little paws.

Summer Special Offer at Seniority

Go all out this summer and enjoy the time with your loved ones without having to worry about the heat. Be prepared to beat the scorching summer time with Seniority’s Summer Special Sale, there’s something for everyone. Happy Summers!

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