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Be it mild or strong, the charm and goodness of tea makes it one of the favourite beverages in the world. The ultimate tea indulgence is a m...
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Indulge yourself in the aroma and magic of green tea with Tea Wisdom's ultimate tea indulgence pack which is a special and convenient pack for green tea lovers. Its contents include an infuser and hand rolled green tea. GoYNG green tea by Tea Wisdom is pure, safe and natural. It is hand rolled with the benefits of ECGC and antioxidants. GoYNG tea is safe as it is not cultivated with any pesticides and are carefully picked from the leave soft Camellia sinensis. The leaves can be used 3-4 time a day to charge you up with all the benefits embedded in green tea. One can chew the leaves as well to get the goodness of green tea.

The infuser helps extract the goodness from leaves at its best. It comes with an easy press button on the top for releasing tea into the mug. The green Tea leaves must be steeped in hot water (70-90degree C) for 2 to 3 minutes at a time. This gives maximum health benefits and helps prevent the release of harmful chemicals like caffeine and tannin in the water. The magic starts in the brewing chamber, where leaves have room to expand and unfurl. The innovative drain mechanism keeps them from clogging your cup and gives you just the perfect cup of wellness tea. It's crafted from

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