Toilet Sanitizer (75 ml x 2) - Medo Specia

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Formulated specially to help offer a safe, contact less and on-the-go Toilet seat sanitation option, this Toilet Sanitizer by Medo Specia he...
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Medo Specia brings to you this Toilet Sanitizer to offer you a clean and convenient option to use public washrooms or office rest rooms without having to worry about infections. This Toilet Sanitizer spray is particularly suitable for women to avoid UTI infections which can be a high possibly when it comes to public washrooms. The spray may help get rid of 99.9% germs to make the surface as clean as possible for the user. The Sanitizer spray offers a safe, contact less, portable or on-the-go Toilet seat sanitation option. With a broad-spectrum antimicrobial action and its built de-odorizer, it may also get rid of unhygienic and smelly toilets. This Toilet Sanitizer is mild on the skin, fast drying and leaves no residue, which means there is no need to wipe the seat after spraying the sanitizer. The Toilet Sanitizer is also a great tool to carry while travelling.


  • 99.9% germ protection
  • May reduce the risk of UTI infections
  • Fast drying formula
  • No need to wipe after use
  • Leaves no reside on the surface
  • Helps get rid of foul smell
  • Particularly suitable for women
  • Travel friendly
  • Safe & contact less

Product Specifications

Country of Origin India
Shelf Life Best before 24 Months from the date of manufacturing
Brand Medo Specia
Return Policy Non Returnable
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 15 cm
Pack Of 75 ml x 2
Product Weight 150 ml

How to use Toilet Sanitizer (75 ml x 2) - Medo Specia

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Simply spray the Sanitizer on the toilet seat
  • Wait for 10 seconds, no need to wipe

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1. How many sprays are there in 1 bottle?

Each bottle offers nearly 100 sprays.

2. Do we have to wipe the seat with toilet paper after spraying the sanitizer spray?

No, since the sanitizer is fast drying, you don’t have to wipe the toilet seat dry before use.

3. Is this travel friendly?

Yes, it is designed to easily fit into handbag. You can carry it wherever you are on the go. It is highly ideal for road travel, malls, trains, office rest rooms or even at home.

4. Can it be used on other surfaces in the toilet?

Yes, it can be used on all common area of washrooms such as jet sprays, or door knobs or wash basins etc.

From the Manufacturer

At Medo Specia, Nutrition is a specialized science, their constant efforts are focused on bringing to you, carefully curated, clinically proven, nutritional products that promote a healthy lifestyle. They use research and technology to create quality nutrition and personal hygiene products. Inspired by women who juggle with busy lifestyles daily, their wide range of collection is also curated with the objective of providing better choices in nutrition and personal hygiene for women.

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