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This protein powder is the perfect source to build and maintain muscle. It revives body’s fat by burning and metabolizing harmful choleste...
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Protein mucle gainer with protein concentrate helps in healthy maintenance of body cells and repair of worn-out cells. It is 100% vegetarian and completely safe to use. It helps restore muscle strength, enhances performance and promotes good health. The powerful combination of carbohydrates helps in muscle maintenance. It helps in reduction of excessive fat, treats obesity and associated complications. It can be easily digested and absorbed and has the highest biological value. It shuttles the vital nutrients rapidly to your muscles for optimal results. It is naturally low in fat, carbs and lactose content and contains high levels of essential and non-essential amino acids which help shuttle the protein to your muscles post workout.


  • Tal makahana 980 mg
  • shatavari 1020 mg
  • ashwagandha 460 mg
  • vidhari kand 290 mg
  • salab panja 250 mg
  • punarnava 240 mg
  • safed moosali 260 mg
  • salam mishri 260 mg
  • shigroo beej 240 mg
  • guduchi 160 mg
  • khajoor 220 mg
  • munnaka 220 mg

  • Helps boost muscle mass and strength
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps kick start metabolism
  • Naturally low in fat, carbs and lactose content
  • Is easy to digest and absorb

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Product Weight 500 gm
Brand CRD Ayurveda

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