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As an individual starts to age, his muscles, bones and tissues also begin to weaken.
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As an individual starts to age, his muscles, bones and tissues also begin to weaken. In case of an injury, it becomes difficult for the body part to heal on its own also making the process difficult and very painful. In such cases, doctors generally advice hot or cold pads to be used on the affected area, depending on the age of the patient and the level of discomfort. Cold pads, especially, are excellent for post-surgery recovery. Made of comfortable and skin-friendly material, the Vissco Re-Freezable Ortho Support /Kneepad provides a soothing relief to injured arms and knees. It reduces the temperature and is very effective in treating swelling, minimizing burning sensation that results from abrasion and offers relief. The pad works by numbing the tissues and joints and thus, provides relaxation. It can be safely used on any point of the body by simply holding the pad over the affected area.

Benefits of Use:
  • Helps reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Helps relax and rejuvenate injured tissues and joints.
  • Minimizes muscle spasms.
  • Reduces sprains, pain, aches and swellings.
  • Is safe and convenient to use as required.
  • Offers deep penetrating cold compression coverage to get maximum and quick relief from pain.
When to Use:

Can be used as need arises. The Vissco Re-Freezable Ortho Support /Kneepad is safe enough to be worn under the clothing while stepping outside, too. Simply remove the pad, re-freeze and re-use.Also, ensure the pad is immediately used on a freshly injured area to reduce swelling. In addition, the Vissco Re-Freezable Ortho Support /Kneepad should be well chilled before using it to get maximum benefit.

Product Specifications:
  • Brand: Vissco
  • Available in black color.
  • Can be re-used multiple times.
  • Sturdy fabric that keeps the wetness out.
  • Remains flexible even after multiple uses.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Aged individuals can use it easily as strapping on the pad does not require any assistance.
Expected time for delivery 3 - 4 days

Product Specifications

SKU H-1016
Return Policy 15 Days
Brand Vissco

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Vissco is one of India’s leading and oldest manufacturers of orthopedic and mobility aids. Vissco has an extensive range of orthopedic and rehabilitation products — from small sprains to chronic conditions. Their rehabilitation products offer superior pain relief, that help you recover from injuries in no time. Using contemporary designs and superior quality material, Vissco products live up to international standards to offer greater support.
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