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A wooden shoe horn that features a long wooden handle to enable a person to put on a shoe without the need to bend.
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Shoes play an integral part in enhancing overall personality of an individual. Every individual, be it elderly or young, looks for comfort while wearing shoes. Hence to help these people, especially the senior citizens of our society, Pedder Johnson Wooden Shoe Horn can be of immense use. This wooden shoe horn has a long wooden handle attached to it, which enables individuals to put on their shoes without having to bend to wear it.

Useful for:
  • Shoe horn is used majorly by individuals who are of older age and find it difficult to bend their body while wearing shoes.
  • Apart from them, there are also individuals who are too particular about their shoes and respect and care for their shoe collection. Such people immensely favor the use of shoe horns. Wearing Instructions
  • Place blade of shoe horn against back side of the shoe i.e. the shoe counter
  • Insert foot tip inside the shoe and then rest your heel against blade of shoehorn
  • Push your heel on blade of the shoehorn, this shall help your heel to slide down further and accommodate itself in the shoes.
  • Now remove shoe horn from the counter of your shoe. Note at this point of time your foot would be comfortably resting inside the shoe.
  • Available in Sizes: S, M, L
  • The shoe horn is completely made of wood, making it one of the best products in terms of longevity and quality.
  • The shoe horn comes with a long handle to enable individual use it to wear shoes.
Size Chart:
  • S - 12
  • M - 18
  • L - 24
  • Long lasting sturdy wooden handle
  • Protects the back of your shoe from any damage
  • Useful for people suffering from knee problems
  • Useful for elderlies suffering from obesity or arthritis
  • Provides support to individuals while wearing shoes

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